5 Features Every Good Changelog Tool Must Have

Changelogs are great for simplifying how you communicate product updates with your users. You can build a changelog from scratch, but there are tools to help you build beautiful changelogs in half the time. 

A good changelog tool has a number of easy-to-use features to make product announcements more effective. Let’s look at some of them: 

1. In-app widgets to add functionalities

A widget is a small piece of software that you can embed onto your site and performs specific functions. You can make widgets hide and show when you want them to. Changelog tools allow you to add clean UI-optimized widgets to make feature announcements fun and engaging for your audience. One good example is a sidebar widget, which pops up on the side of your screen and lets users see your updates. 

2. Standalone Site 

Usually, tech companies create space on their website to release the latest news about their product. Some changelog tools give you the option to create a standalone changelog site, which you can link to from your main website. It’s convenient because it means product update news stays on your changelog site instead of your main website, consuming more bandwidth and data and slowing it down.  

3. Schedule and customize release notes 

Release notes are what product teams use to write updates about their SaaS products. You can write, schedule, and publish a release note in advance. With content being more visual-first, most changelog tools give you the option to add visually appealing graphics and videos, so you can announce features in style and boost adoption. No more boring text-only release notes. Whew!

4. Style your changelog site and widgets

Branding is essential for any company. Some changelog tools offer many customization options. You can customize your changelog site to remain consistent with your brand style and identity. Edit and use your brand colors, customize the look of your widgets, change font styles and sizes, and more. 

5. User segmentation

You may want to notify a specific section of your customers. Perhaps only those with access to the beta version of the features before making it accessible to everyone. Maybe you’re adding a new feature accessible only to users on your best package. A good changelog tool allows you to send or display news and updates to segmented user groups, just as in an email marketing tool. For example, you can send the latest product updates to returning users, or admins only. 


If you’re going to use a changelog to announce product features and updates, you need one that makes life simple for you while maximizing utility for your users. The potential upside of communicating effectively with your user base is worth the time to search for the right platform. is one such tool that provides all the features above at minimal cost. Start for free and try it out!

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