Why you should NOT send product updates through email

Announcing your latest updates to your customers is critical in retaining them and reducing churn. As a Product Manager, one of your primary concerns is how your product brings value to your customers and remains relevant to their needs. That means constantly releasing features, notifying users about these features (or other updates), collecting user feedback, […]

5 Features Every Good Changelog Tool Must Have

Changelogs are great for simplifying how you communicate product updates with your users. You can build a changelog from scratch, but there are tools to help you build beautiful changelogs in half the time.  A good changelog tool has a number of easy-to-use features to make product announcements more effective. Let’s look at some of […]

How to announce new features and drive feature adoption

One of the goals of your Product Team is to constantly improve your SaaS product so you can keep giving value to your users (and make them stay longer).  Improving can mean many things. Usually, it’s as ‘simple’ as fixing bugs or making the interface more user-friendly. Other times you’ll make changes to existing features. […]